• Albacora and Pevasa

    Reference companys Albacora and Pevasa are two leading companies within the tuna industry in Bermeo, an industry that is notable for: Its tradition and history. Its social and economic impact at an international level (accounts for 10% of worldwide catches of tropical tuna). Being a world leader in sustainable fishing practices. Its commitment to sustainability science. Albacora (www.albacora.es/es/) […]

  • Athletic Club

    The Athletic Club as an institution, as well as all its followers, are characterised by the defense of less and less frequent values ​​in football and in the sport of the 21st century.

  • Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia

    Reference Company Consorcio de Aguas Bilbao Bizkaia (Bilbao Bizkaia Water Board) is a public company with more than 50 years of history, in charge of management of the primary network, both for drinking water supply as well as waste water processing for approximately one million inhabitants of Bizkaia. It is formed by 81 municipalities, as […]

  • Department for Road Infrastructures and Land Development plans

    The Department for Road Infrastructures and Land Development plans, builds and maintains the road and highway networks of Biscay as well as other infrastructures used by the Provincial Council of Biscay. It is also responsable for adopting town and country general planning to be implemented in the municipalities of Biscay with less than 7.000 residents.

  • DomusVi

    DomusVi is the leading company in the health sector in Spain. Its objective is to improve the welfare of the elderly and dependent individuals in a socially active environment. Furthermore, it is a trustworthy agent that helps tackle the huge demographical challenge of life expectancy our country currently faces.

  • Egoin

    EGOIN Wood Group is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of accredited experience in designing wood structural solutions for the construction sector. The company is specialised in industrialised sustainable wood construction, and its solutions include engineering, in-company manufacturing of structural products, and industrialised wood construction.

  • Eroski

    EROSKI is one of the leading cooperative retail distribution groups of mass consumer goods and services in Europe, and an entity that is committed to open innovation as a lever for building the future of retail, with collaboration with startups, technology centres, universities, suppliers, and customers being a key element in its ways of doing things. This commitment to continuous development as a way of adapting to the expectations that its activity creates in society and among consumers drives it to collaboratively build solutions with a positive impact, which in this particular case focuses on facilitating healthy and sustainable consumption habits. 

  • GovTech Lab Bizkaia

    There is a wide range of solutions from non-traditional providers such as startups, scaleups and digital SMEs that are applicable to the provision of services, operational efficiency and process optimization or in the field of democratic and institutional quality. Govtech Lab Bizkaia is an initiative promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia (Diputación Foral de […]

  • Iberdrola

    The Iberdrola group is today a global energy leader. We are two decades ahead of the energy transition to fight against climate change and offer a sustainable and competitive business model that creates value for society. We are the private energy provider that invests the most in R&D&i in the world, with innovation as a […]

  • IMQ Igurco

    IMQ Igurco works to improve the quality of life of the elderly and their families by providing the best health and social care services through a committed multidisciplinary team that addresses the needs of society.
    Established as one of the main players in the health and social care sector in the Basque Country, it offers first-class services provided by a team of professionals who guarantee comprehensive care focused on maintaining the functional, biomedical, social, and neuropsychological capacities of the elderly person as much as possible.

  • Maier

    Information about the company MAIER, S. COOP, is a cooperative founded in 1973, located in Ajangiz. It is currently a TIER 1 supplier of components for the automotive sector and is a part of MONDRAGON. It is one of the Basque Country’s most important companies within the plastic component processing and decoration for the automotive […]

  • Port Authority of Bilbao

    The Port of Bilbao is one of the most important transport and logistics centres of Atlantic Europe. It is a genuine gate for direct communication between Spain and Europe, a flexible and dynamic port capable of accepting any type of vessel and goods, and with a specialised service for all types of traffic. In addition, its modern electronic platform, e-puertobilbao, is the fastest and most convenient way to carry out all the paperwork for goods in and organised and efficient manner.

  • RETAbet

    The RETAbet.es Group has been working for more than ten years in the sports betting sector. The technology used has positioned the firm as a reference company with more than 220 million bets managed.

  • Segurma

    Reference companys At Segurma we are security professionals, which drives us to guarantee the utmost protection for people at home and in their working environment, using the most advanced means in the sector and the support of highly qualified multidisciplinary teams. As a leader in the security sector in the Basque Country, it is important […]


    The Social Action Department’s main function is to provide a service to all those people in Bizkaia who, whether its personal, family or social situation is; have difficulties leading a dignified life. These people with different profiles, experiences and problems are offered personal and close attention accompanied by a comprehensive response to their needs. The […]